Quality Assurance.

Operational Analysis Quality Assurance Visits

Our full time consultants visit the property anonymously, and prepare the most in depth analysis of the property. No other firm is as effective as LRC at uncovering service, product and integrity issues. Our client list continues to grow rapidly because our service is proven in guest comment cards scores, increase sales in rack rates and food and beverage outlets, increase your percentage of repeat guests, and help reduce costs by better detecting theft than any other company performing a similar service. Löwe Royal Consulting has helped raise more clients to Star and Diamond status than any other company offering similar services.

Our Data Says

One daily dissatisfied guest costs your hotel $80,000 in annual revenue. One bartender stealing 1 drink per shift costs your hotel $2,000 annually.

Group Sales Analysis Report

At LRC, our report focuses on how your sales staff performance compared to that of your competitors’ sales staff. We conclude whose performance would have obtained the business and why. The report also includes where your strengths and weaknesses in the process lay so the potential revenue will not be lost in the future. We comment on the proposal and literature obtained from your competition, including the price quoted as compared to yours, an in depth review and comparison of their presentation materials, their menu pricing and variety and miscellaneous information and proposal letters. 

Reservations Monitoring and Analysis Program

With this program, we monitor the effectiveness of your reservation staff in processing reservations that come to your hotel’s reservation department. We randomly make reservations on different days and at different times of the day. The reservation agents’ performance is audio recorded and the reservations process is evaluated, analyzed for strengths and weaknesses and furnished in a report. In addition, you will receive a report on what two of your competitors in the local market were quoting as their room rate on the same date the reservation was made. Our clients currently using this service have improved their occupancy percentages, increased the number of suites and higher priced room upgrades sold, increased the number of packages sold, and increased outlet and hotel incidental sales.


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© 2018 by Löwe Royal Consulting, LLC.