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Construction Workers

Combining all our years of experience we creatively align our passion, skills, and expertise to enable you to achieve your unique objectives.


Our Team of dedicated professionals will help conceptualize your project creating unique efficient spaces combined with the most reliable products.

Male restaurant manager writing on clipboard while interacting to head chef in commercial

Create a memorable experience with our expert team!


We offer Meet and Greet, Special themed events, Business gatherings, Weddings, Birthday parties and many more.   

Construction Site Managers

A highly trained and experienced technical staff will help prevent, maintain and fix any area of your valued property.


Let our team of experts give your property the attention it deserves.

Kitchen Staff

More than 25 years of combined experience in hiring, training, certifying, evaluating and improving staff has given us the experience to help you find the right match to your staffing needs.

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At Löwe Royal Consulting, we understand that all businesses, small and large have needs.

In large corporations, day-to-day operations make it difficult for the owner or person in charge to devote enough time to correct or improve on a deficient aspect of the business.

Smaller organizations often feel that they have neither the expertise nor the capital resources to successfully compete within the market.

​Lowe Royal Consulting works hand in hand with your business to help you organize, staff, modernize and prosper.

As part of our competencies, we bring the versatility of language, political, and environmental knowledge, necessary skills that help our clients in this diverse environment.

The number one focus of Löwe Royal Consulting is solving problems smoothly and effectively.


Our experienced professionals utilize tools that facilitate the resolution of your areas of improvement.


Our vision is pragmatic: our approach operational.

About us

We implement services such as:

Secret shopper,

Anonymous surveys,

In-house quality assurance inspectors

We provide these services to help pinpoint your areas of improvement while improving your strengths.

Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Cash Integrity,

  • SOP creation and modification,

  • Staff and management training,

  • Market research, and group sales evaluations.

Some of the of clients we serve are:


  • Hotels & Resorts Developers, Owners, and Operators

  • Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, Commercial Foodservice & Casino Operations

  • Spa & Leisure Industry

  • Insurance, Real Estate & Lending Institutions

  • Destination & Tourism Management Organizations

  • Health Care & Educational Institutions

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Williams Island

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Williams Island

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We work side by side with you and help you grow
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